U-View is software used to interpret your power monitor’s log files and print graphical representations of the data.

U-View allows you to export your data to spreadsheets for further analysis.

It has always been and will continue to be free of charge.

Try it yourself, download the demo data below.


Global options and features of U-View:

  • Export the graphs to a .png file using the camera icon to either Save to Clipboard or Save to File
  • Export data to .csv file
  • Export data to raw text data files
  • Switch between global Delta/Wye calculations with one click
  • ITIC plotting of transients and waveforms
  • Change the y axis values and save the settings in a list to recall later
  • Annotations and Tools tips to mark important points
  • Vertical and horizontal rulers
  • One click global zoom settings for time
  • Add Regions to Custom Waveforms for color-coding pass/fail rates

Waveforms can be captures from voltage triggers, current triggers or manually. They can last between 3 cycles and 2 minutes.

U-View can calculate power numbers directly from these including:

  • RMS Voltage (10 Channels)
  • RMS Current (5 Channels)
  • RMS Deviation (15 Channels) – This calculates the change in RMS from the first 3 cycles over the entire waveform capture.
  • Voltage & Frequency – Calculate voltage vs frequency graph for generator recovery timing.
  • Power – Includes: KVA, KW, KVAR, PF, Total KVA, Total KW, Total KVAR, and Total PF.

Snapshots are waveform events that can be time triggered or manually triggered through Live-View.

  • 10 Voltage and 6 Current waveforms
  • Field Notes directly on page of associated event
  • Power numbers calculated from waveforms
  • Symmetrical Components calculated and displayed
  • Harmonics to the 63rd
Custom Waveforms
  • Create custom charts with up to 4 graphs per page
  • Graph options are: Wave Shape, RMS, RMS Deviation, V Freq/RMS, V Freq Dev/RMS, KVA, KW, KVAR, PF, Total KVA, Total KW, Total KVAR, Total PF
  • Add Regions to color-code and easily see failures
  • Full Cycle VRMS and Frequency Compensation options
  • Save and import Page Definitions to use on different datasets
High Frequency Transient

High frequency transient capture at a 2 Megasample / second rate.

The configurable interface can show voltage waveforms with the following options:

  • Current, enabled, disabled, or inverted
  • Sine wave enable or disabled (overlays of a perfect sine wave for easy detection of imperfections)
  • High frequency enable disable or automatic, HF is in microseconds (sometimes event out of this time domain)
  • Sort by patented detection of Voltage peak, duration, avg or shape peak