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Our powerful Cx Monitor is the power quality monitor adapted specifically for the needs a commissioning agent.


The external wireless extensions designed for the Cx Plus Monitor™ can introduce an ease of system testing never seen before.

Current Probes

Our collection of current probes includes everything needed for all your testing needs.

Cx Plus Monitor™

Designed specifically for commissioning agents, this one monitor gathers all the voltage and current data you need, as well as temperature & humidity and DC voltage for up to 100 locations.

Cx Monitor™

Cx Monitor

Power Quality Surveys have never been easier with the Cx Monitor.


The Z-Brick® will quickly check the condition and ability of a feeder to deliver power under loaded conditions.

By integrating AC voltage and power with wireless DC voltage, DC current, Temperature / Humidity and the DCx, full system integration testing has never been easier. Now all the data is stored on one device and only one software program is needed for a complete solution.

Wireless Host

The Wireless Host can handle up to 100 probes with an indoor range up to 100 feet. An individual log file is created for each probe, and the log rates can be programmed from 4 seconds to 30 minutes.

Temperature & Humidity

The RxMS Temperature & Humidity probe logs 1 sample every 15 seconds with an accuracy of ±1.5°F and ±2% relative humidity.

DCx® – Wireless DC

The DCx® is a battery or AC powered, 10-channel DC probe to monitor from 0-60V DC.

Wireless or Wired DCw – 2,000A & 4,000A

The DCw continuously streams wired or wireless values that include:

  • AC & DC Voltage
  • AC & DC Current
  • Watts
  • Voltage & Current Ripple

High Temperature

The Wireless High Temperature probe is designed specifically for commissioning agents, with Type K Thermocouple range (-20°F – 500°F).

AC Current

Split Core

Rogowski Coil

DC Current

Split Core

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