Multi-View™ software is used to actively communicate with multiple Cx Monitors™ and see real-time data.

The features include the ability to group power monitors to sum their output data, group a collection of snapshots, and waveform captures.

Single-click to Live-View™ makes setup of multiple monitors simpler in a larger installation.


Some of the key features:

  • Software runs on any Windows 7/10 PC, as well as tablets
  • Control multiple Cx Monitors with one interface (field tested up to 25 meters)
  • Auto-detection of Cx Plus Monitors
  • Multiple network support
  • Group controls for Snapshot and waveform captures
  • Logging of commands sent to Cx Plus Monitors with timestamps
  • Transfer the graphs to a .png file using the camera icon to either Save to Clipboard or Save to File
  • Export data into a .csv file
  • Customize the data table
Software Screenshots