Power Quality & Environmental Analysis with Line Impedance Testing

RxMS is the recognized leader in monitoring power quality, temperature, humidity, and air purity.

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Our service provides remote power quality analysis surveys, followed up with comprehensive reports generated from the data collected.

Prescribing unbiased advice and solutions since 1995!

Get accurate results and maximum system uptime with an RxMS Power Quality Analysis!

We are a leader in optimizing power monitoring certification.

Our equipment will monitor:

  • voltage
  • current
  • environmental parameters
  • electrical parameters
  • line to line impedance

Data integrity is a crucial factor when evaluating your power quality issues.

Power quality issues, such as system downtime, resets, installation, and roll-out delays, can be circumvented using our patented High-Speed Data Acquisition technology built in to an RxMS power quality monitors.

We provide the certification that your site meets your equipment specifications.

Our efficient and accurate monitors capture data while installed at your site. RxMS compiles your data in a complete and comprehensive report and will prescribe a solution. RxMS is available to provide additional support throughout the testing process.

Long-term monitoring makes documenting & diagnosing transient power problems a breeze.

The advanced power monitoring equipment RxMS provides is able to collect data for up to a year without interruption and communicate power issues out of specifications.

With our remote monitoring capabilities, RxMS can download & review your data, letting you set it and forget it.

An internet connection and IP address allows the monitor to “phone home” and communicate with RxMS.

Remote monitoring is also possible with direct downloads to a USB stick, an ftp site and crossover cable, and our proprietary Live-View™ software.

The Z-Brick® will quickly check the condition and ability of a feeder to deliver power under loaded conditions.

By introducing a momentary load, the monitor can measure the impedance of the incoming lines, offering a way to quantify the ability for a feeder to deliver power.

The Z-Brick® easily identifies problems, including undersized feeds or poor connections.