Our powerful data gathering hardware makes RxMS your one-stop source for your commissioning needs.

RxMS will supply all the necessary equipment and reporting for your UPS, STS, generator, and solar testing.

All test equipment is tested and calibrated before shipping.

Power Quality



DC Current

All monitors returned with data are securely archived and available for immediate download.

From setup to logistics to report writing, we are always available to provide guidance and technical support.

Outsource report generation to RxMS and we will provide high quality, easy-to-read reports of the power quality, system, battery, and HVAC testing.

The Cx Monitor is a complete UPS testing tool that can monitor 10 channels of AC voltage, 5 channels of AC current, and up to 100 external wireless extensions.

Server Room

The Cx Monitor can be manually triggered to capture UPS startup for up to 2 minutes per waveform of continuous start-up monitoring.

Every Cx Monitor includes a delta current triggering mechanism so you can capture transient events. This mechanism will automatically capture transient waveforms by providing a rough idea of the minimum current that you will be stepping.

With the Cx Monitor there are two ways to quickly measure STS switching:

Transient Wave Graph

The Cx Monitor can measure three phase input and output, and the Time Sync function can sync units together as close as 1 millisecond.

The Time Sync function has the ability to synchronize data sets across multiple power monitors, and it can be done wirelessly, connected through Ethernet, or across the internet to an NTP server.

Rx Monitoring Services has worked with all major generator manufacturers to simplify their field engineers’ testing procedures.

When the Cx Monitor arrives on site, your technicians only need to hook it up! Setup, calibration, sizing, and profiling is done at the RxMS headquarters before shipping. No additional knowledge or equipment is needed.

After the monitor is returned with the included shipping label and packing, RxMS will generate the reports for you, offsetting the time consuming parts of testing and opening a stream of revenue not possible in the past.

RxMS simplifies your generator testing, greatly reducing time and effort on the ground.